LED lights


Oreon is a Dutch innovative developer and manufacturer of high-tech LED grow lights for the horticulture. More than 15 years ago Oreon started with its activities and extensive research of the fixtures and the technology. Nowadays, the LED fixtures are widely deployed in the horticulture industry worldwide above various types of crops. The water-cooling technology allows Oreon to produce a unique compact fixture, with a high light output and high efficiency. It furthermore benefits the climate in the greenhouse; less radiant heat means fewer temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable humidity and CO2 values. Another advantage is the possibility of reusing the dissipated heat, making full use of the lamp’s energy consumption.



Headquarters The Netherlands
Lorentzlaan 6
3401 MX IJsselstein
The Netherlands

T +31 30 760 0660
E info@oreon-led.com

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