Plant nursery and propagator


Plantise is the result of a merger between three Dutch plant growers. Leo Ammerlaan, Van der Lugt and the Grow Group. This has created one of the largest market parties in the Netherlands with a combined greenhouse area of ​​approximately 56 hectares in the Netherlands and 14 hectares abroad. With enormous expertise in the cultivation of organic and regular vegetable and ornamental plants at home and abroad. This joining of forces ensures a strong market player that is able to respond to new developments in the sector, such as economies of scale and internationalization.

Plantise is one of the top 3 of about 15 propagation companies in the Netherlands. Their company owns about 15 percent of the propagation market, is the largest plant breeder in the Netherlands in terms of turnover and the market leader in organic cultivation. In addition, Plantise is by far the most international plant grower in the Netherlands.



Irisweg 40
2665 MK Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)88 020 22 00

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