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ALWECO was founded over thirty years ago by two young persons from the Westland. Since then, we have rolled up our sleeves and set to work. A deal is a deal. Things go according to plan, and if this is not possible, we will solve them. Keeping communication lines short, that is what works. We stand for smooth-running projects, meeting deadlines and always having a specialist on the line if you have any questions about the screen installation. We do not make things difficult; we just ensure that the best possible screen system is installed in the greenhouse.

We work with a small team, which keeps the lines short and enables adaptability. Agreements made are sacred to us and every project is equally important. We do what we say and ensure that each project runs perfectly.  Design, installation, renovation, we have a solution for any construction, anywhere in the world. Our systems are reliable and, of course, we can also be called upon for service and maintenance. The expert team of ALWECO knows how to combine technical innovations from the chain in a practical manner and tailor them to your needs.

This is not the only reason why more and more growers and investors choose ALWECO, they also find their way to ALWECO because of our crystal-clear and competitive quotations, solid working methods and pleasant collaboration.

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Honderdland 103
2676 LT

T: 0174 248 632

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