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How do we work?

How do we work? The LCC is an industry association funded by the membership fees of its members. That means we do not ask for any additional fees for the core work we do: helping to find the right service provider for you. Consider the LCC as a match-maker. Once the match between you and the service-provider(s) is made, the LCC will step aside and let you handle all discussions and contracts on your own terms, business to business. In a new and fast growing industry like cannabis, Intellectual Property is of the highest importance. We respect your IP, and we are here to help you move forward.

We will monitor the progress of your project, to see if the services provided satisfy your needs. In this way we want to keep optimizing our services, and make sure you get the support, products and input you need. Only when you desire our continued support – through consulting, training, or research – we will get back at the table. For these extra services we will discuss costs and conditions with you, without any obligations. Please note that we do not require you to work with LCC members only. We are happy to involve your own favorite partners in the advice we provide.


Contact us through this website. We will send you an intake form to specify your needs.

Contact us...

Personal conversation

One of us will get back to you for a personal talk by phone or in person. We will clarify your needs in more detail.


We will suggest which LCC members we recommend to help you reach your goals. A meeting will be organized where you can meet these companies by phone, video call, or in person.


Have you found partners you want to work with? The LCC will get out of the way and let you conduct business directly. We will only contact you now and then to monitor progress, and make sure you are satisfied.


Do you need additional support in the form of consulting, training or research? We will explain our options to you, and make a plan based on your wishes. This additional support is available even if you do not wish to buy products or services from our LCC members.

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