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Top-Down cannabis drying solutions.

Top-Down cannabis drying solutions.

As a producer of the finest cannabis, you are constantly striving for the best quality cannabis, grown and processed at the best manner. is a subsidiary of a Dutch-based company, founded in 1974. From day one, our company played a substantial, innovative role in the market of drying and storing agricultural crops. We have developed and implemented new, groundbreaking techniques for the drying and storing of flower bulbs, garlic, vegetable seeds and other agricultural crops. Resulting in an ever growing quality of end-products for our clients

Top-Down drying with sandwich-units

In all of our installations, whether it is for vegetable seeds, garlic or cannabis, we use a Top-Down airflow. In comparison with a horizontal airflow, a Top-Down airflow results in a evenly dried end product with a lower risk of mold. This is due to the fact that the air goes through the product instead of over and under the product.

To implement the Top-Down airflow in our cannabis drying installations, we have developed the sandwich units. The basis of the sandwich unit is the Canna-Tray (A). On the top and bottom of the sandwich unit a HEPA-filter (B) with filter pad (C) is placed, to guarantee drying with clean air.

Drying Cabinet

A Drying Cabinet is used to dry small volumes of cannabis and is perfect for R&D facilities. The cabinets can be used to find the perfect drying schedule for each cultivar. A single and a double version of the Drying Cabinet is available, in the single cabinet one sandwich unit can be placed and in the double cabinet two sandwich units are placed. The single version has a capacity of 7kg dried cannabis and the double version of 14kg dried cannabis. The drying cabinets can be used in recreational & medical facilities and can be delivered with the belonging GMP documentation.

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Mobile Drying Pallets

The Mobile Drying Pallets are used to dry large volumes of cannabis in an existing or new drying room. One Mobile Drying Pallet holds 4 sandwich units and has a capacity of 32kg dried cannabis. Because it is a modular system, it is possible to construct a drying room with 1 or for example 12 Mobile Drying Pallets. The Mobile Drying Pallets are suitable for medical & recreational facilities and can be implemented in your GMP system.

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Drying Cell

For the largest operations we offer the Drying Cells. In the Drying Cells the ventilation pallets with 4 sandwich units on the are placed above each other. One Drying Cell hold 2 to 4 ventilation pallets and has a capacity of 75-92kg of dried cannabis. It is a modular system, so multiple Drying Cells can be placed in a central corridor.

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Research Report

To compare our Top-Down drying method with traditional hang drying, we have done a comparative analysis. The conclusion of this analysis was that terpene & cannabinoid retention was the same for both drying methods, whilst our Top-Down drying method is 10 times a space efficient.

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Solutions for hang drying

A special hang drying unit can be attached to the Mobile Drying Pallets and to the ventilation pallets that are used in the Drying Cells. So these two drying methods can be used for hang drying as well.

Top-Down cannabis drying solutions

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