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LCC Process: We support you from Preparation to Plant to Product

Preparing, Growing and Developing

Do you want to start cultivating cannabis, develop a new cannabis product, or get your existing product approved for a new market? Do you have multiple questions at once, and wish there was a single place for discussing all your needs? That means you are looking for the LCC.

The LCC can check what you need, get you in contact with the right experts, provide training and consulting, or guide the progress of your project. To make sure you get where you need to be.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like personal advice from one of our employees or Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest LCC news.

LCC Process
Writing your business plan and makingchoices. The LCC has the experience to help.
Getting the right permits and preparing your construction site. Lay your foundation with the LCC.
Growing in a greenhouse, or rather in a controlled indoor environment? We cover both.
Choosing the optimal lights, cultivation tables, climate control, nutrients and more. The LCC represents the very best providers.
Getting the right genetics to grow healthy and productive plants. The LCC can provide you with a wide range of varieties.
Drying, trimming and processing. Many choices for different types of products. Talk to us about your options.
From dried flower to final product. Are you looking for extraction technologies and lab analysis? The LCC can support you.
Your cannabis product is ready. But how about packaging and labeling, GMP or international regulations? Talk to us and find out.

Our members

Each LCC member brings a specific skill to the table. Our members supply all materials and products needed for the controlled cultivation of cannabis. They also provide services for product development, laboratory testing, or getting your products through regulatory approval. Together we create the equivalent of a well-filled toolbox or a professional workshop. The LCC makes all these tools available to clients in the cannabis industry: a one-stop shop for all your questions.

Preparing (1, 2, 3)

Growing (4, 5, 6)

  • Delphy: cultivation reserch, consulting & training
  • Grodan: growing substrates, rockwool
  • Koppert: integrated pest management
  • Royal Brinkman: horticultural materials

Developing (7, 8)

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