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Construction of modern greenhouses

The ultimate turnkey greenhouse partner

Together with our strategic partner Voorwinden Group, Havecon design, manufacture and oversee the construction of modern greenhouses. And we don’t limit ourselves to just greenhouse construction. We deliver turn-key projects to suit all your horticultural needs such as (medicinal) cannabis.

We work closely with reliable partners to ensure you get the best in class. And we do this globally, with a focus on Europe and North America.

Our services at a glance

Turnkey greenhouse projects

For us, turnkey really means turnkey. It starts with an idea. Then we like to help you find a building plot, and we prepare an extensive report on its suitability. We also provide support and advice when applying for the correct utility connections. And we can – together with our highly reliable partners – take care of the delivery and assembly of all parts that a greenhouse needs to function. All this based entirely on your wishes and principles.

We are also happy to provide you with advice and assistance after delivery. Our door is always open. You can count on that.

Guidance & advice with permits

Havecon can guide you from A to Z through the process of obtaining a (building) permit; nowadays called an environmental permit in the Netherlands. Arranging for such a permit is often a difficult process, because you may not know which documents you need. Havecon is happy to take this process off your hands. We can supply detailed technical drawings for the construction of your greenhouse horticulture project.

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Location assessments

Our in-house 50-point parameter assessment tool is used to locate and assess potential properties for greenhouse development while identifying other due diligence studies and regulatory requirements needed for development. Multiple locations are run simultaneously to highlight the best sites from a social, economical, environmental and logistical perspective while at the same time creating competition amongst candidate locations.

Engineering & construction

The entire process of designing and manufacturing your new greenhouse takes place in-house. The production of greenhouse elements, such as gutters and profiles, is largely done in our own production facility. Consider our unique ‘heavy duty’ greenhouse roof.

We design and engineer the entire greenhouse to meet CE standards. Furthermore, our in-house engineers work with local companies to ensure all local, state and federal requirements are met and approved by the appropriate authorities.

Feasibility study

Do you have an idea and/or perhaps a piece of building land at your disposal, but find it difficult to determine whether you have sufficient insight into all aspects of your project to ensure successful implementation? We can offer you a solution with an extensive feasibility study.

The financial feasibility model is run during pre-construction activities. It is based on the projected capital investment and estimated operating costs to determine financial viability of the project. Each financial model is project-specific to the type of product grown, sales market, packaging type, etc… that the intended client envisions. This model is able to predict return of investment based on either our predetermined numbers or with client-specific values.

Site Preparation

We work with local surveyors, civil engineers and levelers to prepare the site to meet the specific needs required to construct a greenhouse structure. Our design ensures the site is optimized so there is no wasted space.

Material Procurement

We procure all the materials and equipment required to build the greenhouse and have our logistic team ensure it arrives safely onsite.


Our team of specialized on-site managers is present at the construction site as much as possible. And sometimes permanently. From preparing the land for construction and setting it out, to the after-sales service once delivery has taken place. They are assisted by the expert Havecon team of project managers.

Crop and harvest advice

Havecon can guide, assist and advice you in both growing your crop and harvesting it. Our specialized team of professional consultants can guide you through every step of the way using their knowledge and expertise in order to meet your demand:

  • We provide growing environments that allow for touchless production from seed planting to harvesting depending on the crop type
  • We are partnered with the leading seed suppliers in the world (Rijk Zwaan and Nehmens Seeds) . Our team can provide advice on type, taste and texture depending on your needs
  • Our crop knowledge allows us to understand what plants need in order to optimize production levels. This level of understanding allows us to predict production levels and determine growing timeframes
  • Our controlled greenhouses use the latest technology to monitor the growing environment and crop health in order to ensure the highest quality yields are achieved while maintaining a consistent product. Artificial light, nutrient mixture, indoor temperature, CO2 level, etc… are all factors that impact production levels. These factors are all thoroughly monitored to ensure optimum growing is achieved.
  • Our greenhouse can grow a range of crops depending on growing system selected from high-wire crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, peppers, egg plants and cannabis) to floating floors (seedling) to gulley systems (head, teen and baby leaf lettuce and herbs).

Transport & logistics

Assess the major markets and logistical routes available to understand how product can be moved and sold. We evaluate the estimated populations levels at different driving radius to understand potential penetration rates.

Commissioning & Aluminum production

We manufacture your greenhouse in-house at our production facility and work with our partners to seamlessly construct your facility on your selected location.

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