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Stonewool growing media for cultivating specialty crops

Grodan Medicinal Crops

Cultivators steer crop growth on the basis of climate and irrigation strategy, which is largely determined by the choice of blocks. Grodan offers an ideal range of stone wool blocks that produce uniform quality plants with excellent yields.

Grodan Max

Grodan launches Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology – the next breakthrough in stonewool growing media for cultivating specialty crops. In order to develop the optimal stone wool substrate and irrigation strategies for indoor and greenhouse specialty crops, Grodan partnered with the Wageningen University and Research Facility and top growers from all over the world. After an intensive 2-year research and trial program, this resulted in the most innovative Grodan product series so far, for the most innovative growers: Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology.

Improved rooting

Grodan Max Blocks provide improved rooting, as they take the speed of rooting in and development of root volume throughout the entire block to the next level. This faster rooting in and earlier nutrient uptake optimizes plant growth and canopy in the vegetative phase.

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Optimal steerability

The ability of Grodan Max to distribute the WC and EC more evenly throughout the entire block volume creates unparalleled steering capabilities to drive plant growth. This affords the grower tighter control of the plant’s balance throughout the crop cycle, allowing confident plant steering via precise adjustment of the WC and EC in the root zone.

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Outstanding uniform plant development

The uniform wool structure in every Grodan Max block ensures every plant experiences the same conditions for rooting. This results in outstanding and uniform plant development, which allows the grower to apply more effective irrigation strategies that are best suited for the entire crop.

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Maximum yield of a consistent quality

Through improved root development and optimal steering capabilities, Grodan Max delivers uniform plant development throughout the crop cycle. Consistent rooting ensures consistent plant development, allowing growers to realize the highest yield, quality and consistency of the final product – time after time.

Are you interested in medicinal crops?

Precision growing: give the plant exactly what it needs in every cultivation phase. Grodan provides products to have uniform plant development and consistent yield.

Reach out to me to discuss the opportunities for you.


Grodan Medicinal Crops

Welcome to the world of medicinal crops

This movie shows how to wet the plugs

This video shows how to wet the blocks

This video shows the Positioning of the Drippers and where to place GroSens Sensor

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