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Connecting nature and technology with IIVO

Connecting nature and technology with IIVO

IIVO is the smartest greenhouse control system in the world. A modern and next-level process computer, allowing you to grow more, at higher quality while using minimal resources. The IIVO system is a combination of smart software and state-of-the-art hardware. Whether you have experience in growing Medicinal Cannabis or not, IIVO is very easy in use for all type of growers.

The history

IIVO was developed by Hoogendoorn Growth Management. One of the world’s most innovative company in the horticulture with more than 50 years’ experience. Our roots lie in The Netherlands, but we are present around the world. Hoogendoorn has been developing many of the systems and innovations now regarded as the industry standard. Aiming to not only excel in technological products, but also in customer support and training. We work with growers in every climate and with every kind of crop.

Connecting to sensors

IIVO connects seamlessly to all industry standard sensors and is compatible with smart-camera systems, irrigation units and robotics. This combination simplifies and streamlines the management of any crop in a controlled growing environment. As soon as your IIVO system is operational millions of lines of code are put to work generating crop-specific insights. Shining a new light on the true potential of your crops.

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Crop specific

The system adapts to the needs of your crops. With crop recipes you can save a group of settings into the IIVO library, for different seasons or crop stages. Creating an optimum growth climate in each stage of the growth cycle.

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Growing more with less

IIVO uses its predictive powers to create the ideal climate conditions for your crop by combining sensor generated data, weather predictions and past learnings. The system responds pro-actively to maintain a stable and uniform growth climate, which maximizes the yield and quality of a crop, and ensures the most efficient usage of natural resources.

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IIVO is built to run the latest features, and even some that haven’t been invented yet. Our in-house development team makes frequent software updates, installed to your system remotely. Due to the cloud-based nature the platform is scalable. So as your company grows, the system will grow with you.

Connecting nature and technology

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