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Horticultural Research and consultancy

Team Cannabis

Since the authorization of Cannabis in Canada and parts of the United States in 2018, Delphy has been involved in Cannabis cultivation. Universities in Canada and the United States were the first to reach out to Delphy because knowledge and practical information for this relatively new crop was needed. With the start of the “Closed coffeeshop experiment”, it won’t take long before the first legal Cannabis farms will be set up in the Netherlands.

To respond to this market and properly guide the companies involved, Delphy has set up a Cannabis team. Delphy “Team Cannabis” consists of twelve people, who all have their own specialism regarding to Cannabis cultivation. Delphy Team Cannabis contain specialists for propagation, crop protection, climate, fertilization, business plans and technical specialists

Research at our own indoor facility

Delphy works with a number of parties within the sector, to conduct Cannabis research since 2019. Working together and sharing knowledge is the way to optimize Cannabis cultivation. Delphy now has a license to conduct cannabis research at their own research location, The Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk. The first tests are expected to take place around March 2022. The research location at the Improvement Center offers partners, customers and students the opportunity to see how Indoor cannabis research is done in the Netherlands.

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(Turn-key) Projects

Delphy provides guidance to various cannabis projects worldwide. To ensure growers that they receive the best advice, Delphy works with a 6-step plan. Once the location and cultivation method are chosen, a functional design will be made in cooperation with the entrepreneur including an accompanying cost overview and business plan. Based on specifications, a tender will be issued among three different greenhouse construction companies. By comparing these offers, the best facility can be realized for the lowest investment. To ensure the construction is carried out according to the quotation, the construction will be supervised continuously. Also the organization of the company will be set up and the people trained. If necessary, an experienced grower is provided in order to achieve the best results in cooperation with the consultant.

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Training and Education

Delphy Team Cannabis provides (online) training courses at national and international level. This includes theoretical topics such as plant physiology, fertilization, crop optimization and pests and diseases, as well as the latest practical research studies and post-harvest processes. The training courses are tailored to the knowledge needs of the customer. The next training will take place on January, 2022. If you are interested or if you would like more information, please contact:

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Advice on cultivation strategy

Delphy provides cultivation advice and improves the cultivation methods of cannabis growers worldwide. This is done by means of company visits, but thanks to current technology it is also possible to do this remotely. For remote guidance, various crop and climate sensors are used that can be read on a dashboard. By looking at the dashboard on a daily basis, a good insight is obtained of what is going on at the cultivation location. In addition, it serves as a backup should something striking occur. In collaboration with the grower, the data will be analysed and the cultivation strategy optimized to achieve the best results

Further details

For questions about cannabis research, cultivation, projects and training, please contact:
T: +31 (0)10 522 1771


Delphy in cannabis for knowledge development and implementation

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