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Meet our LCC members

LCC members, each member brings a specific skill to the table. You can think of these skill as specialized tools: every company is particularly good at certain tasks, but none can do everything alone. After all, a hammer cannot do the job of a screw-driver, and a saw is no replacement for a wrench. Together we create the equivalent of a well-filled toolbox or a professional workshop. The LCC makes all these tools available to clients in the cannabis industry: a one-stop shop for all your questions.

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Growing substrates, rockwool


Greenhouse design and construction


Horticultural automation


Integrated pest management

Royal Brinkman

Horticultural materials


LED lighting


Drying equipment


Analytical chemistry services, cannabinoid testing

VEK Adviesgroep

The architects of cultivation projects

Delphy (Team Cannabis)

Research and consultancy

Thar Process

extraction and purification technology


Marketing & PR strategy

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