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Gutter systems for Cannabis cultivation

Growing gutter systems for Cannabis cultivation

Do you grow legal cannabis, or do you intend to grow legal cannabis? Meteor Systems can be of excellent service to you with a tailor-made solution! We produce and distribute cultivation systems for legal cannabis cultivation worldwide.

About Meteor Systems

Meteor Systems is a Dutch family business from Breda with generations of experience in Dutch greenhouse horticulture. Meteor Systems has three offices, in the Netherlands, North America, and China. Meteor Systems has been successfully translating it’s knowledge into the latest horticultural technologies worldwide for more than 20 years. Since 2017 we also produce complete cultivation systems and drip irrigation systems for the legal cannabis sector. Our cultivation systems are used in more and more countries for the legal cultivation of cannabis.

Large legal cannabis companies such as Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Cronos Group, Pure Sunfarm and Aphria Inc are customers of Meteor Systems.

Worldwide collaborations

Meteor Systems cooperates with licensed cannabis producers in Europe, Australia, Asia and more. For example Israel. Israel is the first country when it comes to cannabis research. Hamashbir Agriculture is one of the largest agricultural companies in Israel and has established a greenhouse cannabis project. Several LCC members worked together to make this cannabis project, including Meteor Systems’ growing systems, a success. Meteor Systems’ growing gutter systems enable labor savings, uniformity of crops, reduction of disease risks, drier environment in the greenhouse and better hygiene.

Sustainable growing gutters

Growing gutters are the basis for growing cannabis in greenhouses or indoor facilities. Your crop and the preferences for a cultivation method determine which growing gutter system suits best. Our growing gutters are made of high-quality European strip steel with multiple layers of coating. We guarantee the growing gutters to last for many years of professional use. When using a growing gutter system, all drain water will be collected and reused.

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Meteor Systems offers various types of drippers and maximizes uniformity in the irrigation system. The irrigation is attached to the growing gutters. In this way the drip irrigation system ensures that every cannabis plant gets the amount of water and nutrition it needs. Pressure compensated drippers make sure the first and last plant in a row gets exactly the same amount of water per plant. In conclusion, the pressure-compensated, selfclosing drip irrigation systems result in precise, controllable irrigation. Our irrigation systems provide a sustainable way of water use through recirculation and minimization of the use of fertilizers and energy. You can simply unpack the system in the greenhouse (or on the field), roll it out, cut it to the required bed length, insert the plant pegs, connect them to the supply line and the system is ready to go!

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When using a cultivation system there are several advantages. Over the past 20 years Meteor Systems has developed several growing systems with 35 different gutter types so there will always be one that fits your needs. The type of cultivation system in combination with a certain type of gutter contributes to your success in growing legal cannabis. We can advise you about the cultivation gutter systems and adapt them completely to your wishes.

The gutter system is either supported by gutter stands, tables or suspended from a truss. Being suspended creates a free space underneath the crop, which ensures a better airflow around the crop and reduces the risk of diseases. Thanks to the growing gutter systems of Meteor Systems the drain water is separated from the plants to avoid root diseases such as fusarium and Pythium. This significantly reduces the chance of passing on some contaminations.

Cultivation gutters are adjustable in height, so the distance between plants and lamps can be used optimally. Moreover, it is labour friendly and employees can work on the plants at an ideal height.

  • Crop uniformity
  • Flexible and stable
  • Better airflow
  • Disease prevention
  • More suitable environment for micro-organisms
  • Better control of irrigation and lighting
  • 100% drain water collection
  • Labour savings
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Production and delivery of your cultivation system

Depending on your situation, we can produce the cultivation gutters on location or deliver them from our factory in individual lengths. In both cases we can provide you with all materials for a complete cultivation system for legal cannabis and transport them worldwide. We produce all materials and systems in our own factory, so you are assured of the fastest delivery and highest of quality.

Are you interested in a cultivation system?

Feel free to contact us. Our experienced employees work professionally and solution-oriented in order to provide you with the best solution and are more then happy to help.


Growing gutter system video’s

Welcome to the world of growing gutter systems

This movie shows the rolling guters on site

The most advantage of our movable system is to install one row extra in a bay and still be able in picking your harvest. This movie shows how it works.

Watch our new corporate movie and see what Meteor Systems can do for you.

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