Analytical chemistry services, cannabinoid testing


Brightlabs is the laboratory for all your analytical questions. Located in the south of The Netherlands. Brightlabs is located at the unique location in the Villa Flora building at the Brightlands campus area.

Since 2018 Brightlabs is licensed to measure opiates, as it has been granted with a permit by the Bureau for Medicinal Cannabis (BMC) for the analysis of Cannabis and related products. Brightlabs is ISO-17025 accredited and GMP licensed for the analysis of drugs and medicines.

Starting from the 1st of March 2020, Brightlabs is the analytical laboratory for a part of the analysis of the release of the dutch medicinal cannabis as supplied by BMC.

Brightlabs is offering a range of analytical test on Cannabis and Cannabis related products. These can be devided in two main subjects, wanted materials like cannabinoids and terpenes and unwanted components like heavy metals, aflatoxins and pesticides. Brightlabs is your one stop shop for all cannabis related analysis.



St. Jansweg 20
5928 RC Venlo
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)77-77 03 374

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