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Themato is a cultivation company of high-quality Roma tomatoes with almost 50 years of growing experience. Themato is an exceptional company because in 2003 we were the first in the world to adopt the closed greenhouse concept. This allows us to optimally control the climate by cooling and dehumidifying the greenhouse.

We store this heat or cold that we extract from the greenhouse in the soil for later use.

As a result of this project, we have compared to traditional cultivation:

  • 50% energy savings
  • 50% CO2 reduction
  • 20% more production
  • 30% water savings

At that time we also won the horticultural entrepreneurs prize with this concept. In addition, in 3 years, we have explained about 3000 visitors from all over the world about the operation of the system.

Want to get in touch? Feel free to contact us.


Themato Productie B.V.

Munnikenweg 24
2651 LZ Berkel & Rodenrijs
The Netherlands


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