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VEK Adviesgroep

The architects of cultivation projects

VEK is a consulting and engineering company that specializes in horticultural projects and was founded 50 years ago. Over the years VEK gave horticultural consult and realized greenhouse projects all over the world, varying from low tech polyhouse production greenhouses to high-tech research greenhouses and state-of-the-art glasshouses for the production of flowers, vegetables, plants and herbs. VEK works for existing growers, entrants, investors, breeding and research companies.

Our focus is to make impartial greenhouse-project-designs which answer the needs and interest of the end-user. Our focus is to make the designed project as efficient and economic as possible. Commercial greenhouse operation is all about cost leadership: high production with the best quality against a competitive price. The capex of these kind of investments is very high and any mistake in the initial design will be visible over the length of your operations.

Key services:

  • Non-competitive technical and organizational advice in setting up cultivation & production facilities (greenhouse with daylight & indoor without daylight)
  • Energy advice (validation of energy systems, investment costs vs. operational costs, climate)
  • Project budgeting and financial modelling
  • Business case development
  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • Project planning, project management support

Want to get in touch with us? Feel free to contact us.


VEK Adviesgroep BV

Europa 1
2672 ZX Naaldwijk
The Netherlands

T +31 174 389 666

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