Analysis of Pesticides and Aflatoxines

Brightlabs is the laboratory for all your analytical questions. Located in the south of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium border, it is our mission to support the Pharma market in development in drug substances and drug products.

Since 2018 Brightlabs is licenced to measure on Cannabis, d9-THC and Cannabis related substances, as it has been granted the permit by the Bureau for Medicinal Cannabis (BMC).

Starting from March 2020 Brightlabs is the laboratory to perform the analysis of Pesticides and Aflatoxins for the Dutch government.

Problem statement:

As these analysis are needed for the QC release of medicinal cannabis, all methods need to be validated according ICH guidelines. This means validated for the products as supplied by the Dutch government.

Our approach:

We completely revalidated our methods on the products as supplied by the Dutch government. Each validation start with a validation protocol, practical validation (incl. Accuracy, Precision, Method Robustness, etc. etc.) finalizing with a validation report and dedicated methods.

Each analysis is described in a unique Analysis Method, build up with Quality Control samples, System Suitability Test (SST) and QA check, and are run on a weekly basis.

We use this methodology to help our customers to get full GMP validated analysis for release of their medicinal products.

Today we have fully validated in-house methods for the analysis of Cannabinoids, Pesticides, Elemental impurities (Heavy Metals), Aflatoxines, and all kind of small identification methods for Cannabis.