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Unique members

Membership of the LCC is based on unique members who each bring their own expertise. In other words, we try to minimize overlap between members as much as possible. That way, it’s always clear which member to ask for a service or product when we meet a new lead. From building a functional greenhouse and nurturing your cannabis plants, to drying your flower buds and making extracts, the LCC can help. We have a specialized member for almost every question.


However, there are subjects on which multiple views are possible. For example, the use of LED lamps is becoming increasingly popular, but HPS lamps are still regularly used in cannabis cultivation. And although the advantages of rock wool as a substrate are very clear, many are also grown on potting soil or coconut fibre. There are also many choices in terms of nutrients, and the best choice often depends on the growing conditions. In such cases it is important that the LCC explore and compare all possible choices. After all, that way we can help our future customers even better.


For this reason, the LCC organized a symposium on Tuesday 8 February on the use of LED lamps in cannabis cultivation. LCC members Oreon and Grodan were asked to present their knowledge and expertise. In addition, three external speakers were invited to share experiences with LED light: Fluence, Signify, and Cultivators. At this symposium, members and non-members discussed different views on the best use of LED light in the cultivation of high-quality cannabis for the first time. The result was an instructive, inspiring and pleasant afternoon. Finally, after a long time of Covid, we had the opportunity to socialise, talk to each other personally, and raise a glass. A similar form of forum discussion will be applied in future LCC symposia.

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