Medisun Inc

Medisun Inc. x Legal Cannabis coalition

Medisun Inc. became a licensed producer of medical cannabis end 2018. Within a year after the start of their first cultivation, Medisun expanded by more than 9 acres. This year Medisun finished phase 3, which brings the total growing facility up to a size of 26 acres.

Several members of the LCC contributed to the Medisun greenhouse project. Greenhouse builder Havecon Horticultural Projects designed, manufactured and oversaw the total construction. The gutters on which the cannabis plants are growing are supplied by Meteor Systems BV. The climate screens of AB Ludvig Svensson controls the humidity, temperature and UV radiation in the greenhouse. Oreon, developer and manufacturer of LED grow lights supplied efficient LED lighting. The cannabis plants are grown on substrate slabs of Grodan and Koppert Biological Systems contributed with its biological solutions to improve crop health and resilience.

This project underlines the success which can be achieved within the cooperation between members of our group.