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Water cooled LED

Water cooled LED grow lights for cannabis

The use of LED grow lights is a perfect solution to grow medical cannabis indoors or in a greenhouse. Cannabis or marijuana needs a lot of light: more than 12 hours a day. Although it can endure much light, it does not like too much heat. Traditionally HPS lights or HID lights are used, but they radiate a lot of heat. And even though LED grow lights are beneficial for the growth of cannabis plants, Oreon’s cannabis greenhouse light system uses a unique water-cooling technology. The heat is taken out of the growing area, so you can decrease on HVAC costs. And the electronics and LEDs are cooled continuously, what leads to a consistent light output and longer lifespan.

About Oreon

Oreon is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of LED lights. Nearly 15 years ago, Oreon was the first to introduce a LED fixture specifically developed for horticulture purposes. Now, the LED fixtures of Oreon are worldwide deployed in the horticulture and cannabis industry. In developing the water-cooling technology, Oreon combined the overall benefits of LED lighting (long lifespan and low energy consumption) with the specific requirements that growers have for artificial lighting; the separation of heat and light for a balanced climate, the right spectrum for optimal growth and a compact design to make optimal use of natural sunlight when growing cannabis in a greenhouse.

Best LED grow lights for cannabis

The LED fixtures of Oreon operate on active water-cooling, where the heat of the fixture is transported away from the fixture and out of the growing area. This technology makes it possible to fit more individual LEDs in one fixture, in order to achieve a higher light output, requiring less fixtures. The multi-layer fixture Embrace produces a light output of more than 600 μmol/s and is suitable for propagation of cuttings or illumination closer to the crop (0.35-1.5 meter / 13.78-59.1”). Oreon’s medical cannabis grow lights for top lighting produce a light output of up to 3700 μmol/s and can be used in a greenhouse or indoor facility with sufficient height.

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Water-cooling technology

The cannabis lighting of Oreon are actively cooled by water. The water flows through the LED fixture and absorbs the produced heat from the LEDs and electronics. The heat is directly extracted from the growing area to keep the growing climate stable. The gained heat (energy) can be reused at a later time. This efficient cultivation technique contributes to a more sustainable way of growing.

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Stable climate with led lights for cannabis

The maximum light intensity when growing cannabis indoor or in a greenhouse with led lights, is often limited by the ability to get enough cool air to flow without disturbing or drying out the plants. The elimination of the generated heat is a common and difficult issue cannabis cultivators are facing when using artificial lighting.

The active water-cooling extracts the excessive heat produced by the LEDs out of the fixture and out of the growing area. This results in more control over the growing climate: the temperature, CO2 levels and RH are more balanced.

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Optimum level of light

One of the biggest benefits of the use of cannabis LED lighting, is the ability to control uniformity in the light levels and spectra the plants receive, adjusted to the plant’s growth phase.

Thanks to the water-cooling, the temperature in the indoor facility or greenhouse remains stable and the lighting hours can increase so the plants receive more light and that means more yield.

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Collaboration at Medisun

Medisun is a Canadian medical cannabis producer based in Ontario. For several phases in this project several members of the LCC worked together. They chose Oreon’s LED lights for cannabis, which is one of the main factors which allows them to grow a crop with consistent high quality cannabinoids and makes it possible to harvest an extra growth cycle per year!

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Advantages of growing cannabis with Oreon’s LED lights

  • High light output, fewer fixtures needed
  • Optimum light level and spectrum
  • Water-cooling and reuse of heat
  • Stable growing climate
  • More lighting hours
  • HVAC savings
  • Eliminate seasons and day or night rhythm
  • Short growth cycles

Curious what an investment in water cooled LED grow lights would mean for your growing area?

Send the available data about your facility and Oreon will calculate the exact number of fixtures for the perfect light uniformity according to your wishes.

Curious about more indoor or greenhouse cannabis growing tips? Or do you want to know more about the advantages of Oreon’s LED lights for cannabis? Contact us for more information!

Water cooled LED video’s

Welcome to the world of water cooled LED 

The technology behind water cooled LED grow lights.

The Oreon Grow Lights are water cooled by a unique and smart, but simple system. In this video we show you how it works and what kind of benefits you can expect.

Reuse of heat

Oreon has developed a water cooling technology that can be used in almost any greenhouse or indoor facility in collaboration with renowned installers.

Embrace product video

In this video we take you through the specifications and advantages of the water cooled multi-layer LED fixture of Oreon. For indoor and vertical farming.

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