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Meteor Systems has been involved in the professional legal cannabis cultivation from the start. A lot of knowledge has been gained about indoor and greenhouse cannabis growing on different growing gutter systems.

Growing cannabis on a gutter system has several advantages, among others:

  • Good air circulation under and between the gutters;
  • Being able to work all around the plant;
  • Gutter systems can be combined with netting support;
  • Adapted to any environment and cultivation theory;
  • Hoses with drip irrigation longitudinal can be mounted to the gutter;
  • Possibly movable, so that 1 row of gutters can be installed additionally;
  • Chance of mould and diseases is brought to a minimum.

Developed systems

Below an overview of the most common systems Meteor Systems has developed in cooperation with its customers.

Growing gutters consist of 1 piece, one row long. This means that a gutter carries a lot of weight. Meteor Systems suspends the gutter with brackets. These are the most common systems in large scale greenhouses. A requirement to install a suspended growing system is that the greenhouse construction has to be strong enough to lift the weight.

If the construction of a greenhouse or interior cannot support the weight of suspended growing gutters, supported systems are a solution. The growing gutters are placed on ground supports instead of being hung in brackets.

If growing gutters can be suspended, there are many benefits to be gained from a movable growing system. A movable system is also called a Swing system. By using a Swing system, extra space is created in the greenhouse. So there is the possibility of installing an extra gutter or bed. Note: This system is not suitable for all varieties and depends on the construction of the greenhouse.

The pot system, which is mainly used for cut flowers, is also suitable for cannabis cultivation. These are preformed gutters with round holes in which pots are placed. In a pot system the pots are suspended above a collection gutter. Because the pot is hanging above the collection gutter, the pots are not in contact with the drain water, so the plants cannot contaminate each other. Through the collection gutter all the drain water is collected and can be reused.

Gutters on the ground
We see more and more growers who want to remove their mother plants from the ground because of mould and diseases. By placing the gutters slightly off the ground and placing the pots on top, the plants are not in contact with the drain water and there is a better airflow around the entire plant.

In cooperation with container manufacturers, we can supply the gutters for the tables. A big advantage is the air diffusion under and between the gutters. Hoses with drip irrigation are easy to install on the gutter, giving each plant an automated water supply.

Vertical farming
A relatively new method of growing cannabis, but very efficient for indoor farming. Cannabis is grown in multiple layers in a room. This is used mainly for cuttings growth, but increasingly for mother plants as well.

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